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Our 100% integrated process

Design office

4 CAD stations

Our office consists of 4 individuals working in coordination with sales and production teams. Leveraging our knowledge, our team is dedicated to solving your challenges. Aligned with your needs, our mission is to converge the optimization of your products with the fundamental rules of foundry and machining. We are equipped with 4 Pro/Engineer Creo CAD stations.

Image d'une pièce 3D sur un écran d'ordinateur


We prototype in 3D

Our responsiveness is crucial for the realization of your projects. We have the capability to produce your 3D prototypes in-house. Your parts may sometimes benefit from shape and/or topological optimization based on your constraints. We can achieve material reduction, for example… We will guide you based on your 3D files, which will serve as the starting point for our collaborative study.

photo de prototypage en impression 3D

Tooling shop

The manufacturing of all our tools is integrated

Our integrated Tooling Workshop is in direct collaboration with the design office and our partners (steelworkers and specialists in heat treatments). Our workshop ensures the yearly production of hundreds of molds, press tools, and machining assemblies for your parts. We also provide maintenance and repair services for molds and tools. The workshop, staffed by experienced professionals, is equipped with cutting-edge technology: high-speed machining centers, 5-axis machine, CNC EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), and wire EDM guided by CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing). The welding and maintenance sector ensures the longevity of your tools.

Casting Workshop

The heart of our company: 70 years of experience

With 70 years of experience, our foundry ensures quality production. Our induction melting and holding furnaces guarantee an environmentally friendly carbon footprint. Concerned about our environment, we play a significant role in the circular economy of copper materials.

Since its creation, Davergne Foundry has remained a small-sized company that has developed around its core expertise: the gravity die casting of Aluminium-Bronze in shell molds. It has consistently adapted its resources and organization to technological advancements and the needs of its customers.

Our workshop is equipped with a high-performance machine park featuring automatic shell molding for medium to large series, and even robotic cells for larger productions. For smaller series, we have manual molding stations manned by experienced and skilled employees. In compliance with current standards, we guarantee the excellent reproducibility of our alloys and adherence to the strictest specifications and tolerances.

We provide tool cleaning through cryogenics, and maintenance and repairs are handled by our in-house service. The management and storage of your tools are facilitated through dedicated stockers on two vertical towers.


Compliant and Infinitely Recyclable Alloys

Our foundry is equipped with a metallurgical laboratory that conducts real-time metallographic analyses through spectrometry. Mechanical tests are conducted using our tensile testing machine and durometer, ensuring compliant alloys for each melt with material traceability. We can provide you with a material certificate according to your standards and market requirements. We formulate our alloys from raw materials (copper, aluminum, nickel, and iron), all sourced from established recycling channels. The metallurgical quality of their production and composition ensures a compliant alloy.

Cutting workshop

A fine and precise cutTING

7 hydraulic presses equipped with light curtains for operator protection allow for precise and repetitive cutting of your parts.

Machining Workshop

We machine your parts according to your needs

Our company is self-sufficient in machining and offers you finished parts in accordance with your plans. We have extensive experience in machining Aluminium-Bronze, and our workshop has been equipped over the years. Our machine park is comprehensive : 8 machining centers and 6 CNC lathes are operated by Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) using the Mastercam system. This enables and ensures a consistent and optimal quality production.

Multi-spindle machining transfers allow for a perfect finish of your series parts in compliance with your requirements. We have a robot with optical recognition for automatic part handling and 100% control.

Our skilled and experienced operators ensure uniform deburring. The quality of the finish of your parts is also guaranteed by our shot blasting machines and our vibratory finishing equipment.

plan large sur l'atelier d'usinage de la fonderie Davergne



Our commitment is to do everything possible to establish a lasting relationship of trust with our clients. The quality approach has been chosen as a tool to align our common interests. This includes achieving Quality objectives, in a context where demands are increasingly high and the regulatory environment is constantly evolving.

We have developed an efficient quality system in line with market realities and established continuous monitoring throughout the manufacturing process to ensure optimal performance. Our quality service is equipped with advanced tools for its control missions. (Alloy control by spectrometer, material tensile and hardness testing, measurement and control by automated three-dimensional equipment, measuring arm, measuring column).

The satisfaction of our clients, top priority, relies above all on the quality of our services through our quality management system, certified for many years according to ISO 9001 standards

plan large sur le bureau d'études, avec deux écrans d'ordi montrant des pièces en 3D.


Integrated management software

In a constantly evolving environment and with the aim of continuing to innovate, we are moving towards an industrial ERP that allows us to remain efficient, competitive, and more flexible. Indeed, our business digitization project is guided by the keywords: measurement, analysis, and optimization.

Effective management of various business processes (from accounting to procurement to production) has become crucial, as well as a strong development focus for customer satisfaction. The structure of our digitized production chain will enhance traceability, aligning with our Quality policy.

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Individual Increase Rate Gap Indicator: 25
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High pay indicator: 5

Located in the heart of Picardie Maritime (north of France), Foundry 
Davergne designs and manufactures parts in Aluminium-Bronze
for sectors of activity at the cutting edge of technology





Design office


Did you know ?

Each high-speed train contains around 20 tons of copper components, mostly in transformers and motors. The pantographs of high-speed trains exert a gigantic force on the wiring systems that supply the current (catenaries). Due to the ever-increasing speed of trains, special copper alloys have been created to maintain this much-needed contact.

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