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The history of Foundry Davergne is one of innovations and records. Today, fully integrated at 100%, it has modestly left its mark within the companies using its services. With over 70 years of existence, it continues its rigorous work to provide quality alloys.

Foundry Davergne

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70 years of history…

Publicité pour un cadenas des Etablissements Raoul Davergne

First safety padlock made by Raoul Davergne

Article dont le titre est : la fonderie davergne, l'assurance de la qualité.

First company in the Vimeu to be awarded certification by the SNCF

Article dont le titre est : Consécration pour l'entreprise Raoul Davergne

Produce just in quantity, quality and time and therein lies the whole secret of the Davergne establishments

Article dont le titre est : Qualité récompensée pour la fonderie Davergne

Industrial activity on the rise in the foundry where there is no shortage of work

Article dont le titre est : La fonderie Davergne sur la bonne voie

Company workforce at the time of A.Q.F. : 135 employees

Article de 1998 dont le titre est : Aux établissements Davergne, "1999 sera une année de référence !"

Company plans to switch from gas to electric smelting, with big plans for the future

Exhibition in Berlin at the InnoTrans exhibition, for European manufacturers who want to position themselves in the buoyant railway sector

Article de 2011 dont le titre est : Comme sur les Champs-Elysées

Making stirrups for the Republican Guard

Article de 2015 des Echos Entreprises, dont le titre est : La fonderie Davergne file au rythme du TGV

Supply of equipment for the 300 kilometers of the TGV Tours-Bordeaux line

Article dont le titre est : Feuquières-en-Vimeu : la fonderie Davergne lauréate de France Relance et de la région des Hauts-de-France

Winner of France Relance and of the Hauts-de-France Region

First step on Aluminium-Bronze

The founder, Raoul Davergne, assembles his initial team of three collaborators.

The company initiates its operations at its historic location : Feuquières en Vimeu. Raoul oversees the trade of locksmith parts.

The DAV Security Padlock is invented, and the padlocks quickly gain popularity, selling tens of thousands of copies.

Photo d'une louche pleine de métal en fusion versée dans un moule


Arrival of son : Roland Davergne

The company begins diversification into car-systems, valves and electrical applications.

Welcoming the 50th employee to the team.

pièce en cupro-aluminium


Arrival of the 3rd generation

Dominique, Patrick, and their sister Béatrice Davergne gradually assumed control of the company.

While the foundry stage established Davergne's reputation, the company now oversees the entire production chain to enhance its service quality. To reinforce this commitment, the company implements its first Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP).

transvasement de métal en fusion

1982 - 1987 - 1989

Successful diversification in the railway sector

The introduction of the first catenary application marks the inception of a continual advancement in this field.

Davergne becomes the 205th company to achieve Railway Quality Assurance out of 5,000 suppliers at that time, solidifying its commitment to quality in the industry.


Innovation & Integration of the Leclercq foundry

In a strategic move, Davergne shifts to electric induction for melting furnaces, bidding farewell to gas furnaces.

Additionally, Eric Janusz, the brother-in-law of the Davergne, joins the team and assumes the management of Leclercq.

photo de la fonderie


Acquisition of Atelier du Bélier's Aluminum-Bronze Business

Over a hundred tools are successfully integrated


TGV speed record

Our high-speed lines are outfitted with our state-of-the-art Aluminium-Bronze components.
Aluminum-Bronze, the alloy setting unprecedented records.

We are proud to announce our first ISO certification.

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Caténaires de train

2007 & 2008

Modernization : Upgrading the Machinery

The Company spans over 4000 m².

Expansion of production capacities and implementation of robotic integration.

robot à bras 5 axes


The Davergne foundry winner of France Relance and the Hauts-de-France region.

Investment in a new generation machine : 5-Axis Machining center (the first of this kind in Europe)

Plan sur robot d'usinage


Completely integrated factory: design office, tool shop, foundry, development and control of alloys…

A strategic position in “Hauts-de-France”

End to End Mastery

With an annual capacity exceeding 1000 tons, Davergne Foundry stands as the leading European producer of Aluminium-Bronze. A distinctive feature since 1947: complete integration, starting from the design of foundry tools up to the machining of parts.

Strategic Investments for Sustained Competitiveness

Over the past decade, Foundry Davergne has made substantial investments in its production facilities, including the extension of the melting capacity and the introduction of robots for foundry, cutting, and machining processes. Strengthening the tooling and prototyping service, coupled with the adoption of a next-generation ERP, has further fortified the competitiveness of Foundry Davergne.

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